Get involved in KDA Fund Raising

We are looking for fresh ideas and innovative concepts.  Please contact us at Contact the KDA and let us know you would like to join this effort.

neighborhoodHold a Fund Raising Event

Even though the KDA is an all-volunteer organization, we need donations to  provide the services offered and to promote/fund Kennedy's Disease research.  Local and regional fund raisers serve two puposes:

  1. Increases Awareness:  These events spread the word about Kennedy's Disease and its impact on families.
  2. Finds New Audiences:  Fund raisers are a great source of donations from an audience the KDA does not normally contact.

How do I hold a fund raiser?

Many of us have never held a fund raising event.  For this reason, those who have shown success have developed 'How To' guides or are willing to make themselves available to help you set up your own event. We currently have information available on the following events:

-If you are willing to help others with their fund raisers by developing a guide, or answering questions and providing other helpful information, please contact the KDA  and let us know.

Tips for holding a local fund raiser

Idea #1: Hold a car wash at a local gas station or business that will donate the space and water. You supply the volunteers, soap, and towels!

Idea #2: Hold a garage or rummage sale, asking friends, family and coworkers to donate items. You can obtain receipts from the KDA to give to those who donate by contacting the Kennedy's Disease Association and letting us know what you plan to do. Advertise the garage sale in the local paper, put up signs directing potential buyers to your sale.

Idea #3: Hold a dinner at your home or a local restaurant. Invite friends and family to your dinner, asking for a minimum donation that exceeds the cost of the food. Perhaps its hot dogs and hamburgers in your backyard or its a more lavish affair with cocktails and appetizers. Its up to you what you think is best. Charge accordingly. Again, the KDA can supply you with donation receipts to give to your supporters.

Idea #4: Hold a bake sale and sell your baked goods outside a local grocery store, church or other location where you believe you could obtain management's permission to do so. Bake up a bunch of goodies and sweet-treats and sell them!

Idea #5: Hold a bowl-a-thon at your local bowling alley. Approach the manager with the idea. Ask them to donate bowling lanes on a specific date and time, and don't forget to drop the hint that the participants will be thirsty and they will be more than happy to purchase drinks from the bowling alley! Also, tell them you will alert the local newspaper and attempt to get them other free publicity for their altruistic support. Then contact the KDA to help you make flyers up about your event. Give the flyers to friends, family and coworkers, post them around town and collect a minimum donation from each participant on the day the bowl-a-thon takes place.

Idea #6: Have your friends, family and co-workers go on an aluminum can hunt, aluminum can drive at work, or save their aluminum cans and then collect them all and take to a recycling center. We've heard of the recycling centers giving .35 cents a pound. Small things add up quick!

Contact the KDA prior to holding your fundraiser and let us know your plan.  Maybe we can help.  Afterward, forward the fund raising news and pictures along with any money donated to:

Kennedy's Disease Association
P.O. Box 1105
Coarsegold, CA 93614-1105 (U.S.A.)

If you have additional ideas for a local fundraiser, please let us know.