Kennedy's Disease Association

A Public Benefit, Non-Profit Organization

"The site is essential for a source for the general public, whenever one encounters the diagnosis of Kennedy's Disease and has no idea what that might be. There is simply no other source as easily available to the public."

Help Us Find A Cure

Online Shopping to Help KDAWhen you go shopping through this web page the company you buy from will pay the KDA a portion of the sale from their proceeds.

Please encourage your family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers to make purchases they would have bought online through these links.

Email them this page address and let them know their purchases will help support the Kennedy's Disease Association.


Important - Please Read:

In order for the Kennedy's Disease Association to receive a portion of the cost of the item(s) you purchase from these companies (generally 5-15% depending on the company),  you must enter their Web site from the links on this web page.



flowerpetal-logo The KDA gets 15% of purchase price

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