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2016 Chat Room Transcripts

Topic: Open Forum  
DavidOhio   Good Morning Ron Greg and Gary
GregF   Good morning
GregF   Its a beautiful day here in Colorado 39 degrees and sunny
Gary_KC   Good morning GregF
GregF   morning Gary how are things in K,C,
DavidOhio   Same nice bright sunshine and mid 40's temp but it is windy here in southwestern Ohio
Gary_KC   It is a nice sunny day in Kansas 44 degrees this moring.
GregF   we had snow this week and I am sick of it...ready for spring
DavidOhio   Spring arrived a little early here we've had daffodils blooming for a couple of weeks now.  But it is supposed to get well below freezing tonight so probably need to enjoy them today
ronmoffett   Good Morning All
GregF   Yep I don't think they will handle a freeze to well
GregF   Morning Ron
ronmoffett   David. Glad spring arrived for you. We have some light snow now. Its darn depressing
DavidOhio   Good Morning TomK did you enjoy having the grandbaby around this week?
ronmoffett   WillieGek. I am not sure if I recognize u being on a chat b4. Where are u from ?
ronmoffett   Does anyone follow March Madness and have teams playing in the Final 4 ?
DavidOhio   I almost got through the cold months without getting sick but the drugs have done their job and I am recovering.  Hope you all have and continue to avoid colds etc.
DavidOhio   No Ron the team we had high hopes for Xavier did not make past round two this year.
GregF   I am the Administrator of a Christian School. as soon as we get to feeling better someone else sneezes on you
ronmoffett   I have been fortunate. I had a good year. I didn't get sick at all. I consider myself fortunate
ronmoffett   David, in the cold months in Ohio. Do u have muscle pain? Started getting cold here again the last week and my muscles started to ache again. Do u have this problem ?
DavidOhio   Oh yes the cold weather also effects my muscles.  At times I feel like a little kid with all the layers I wear, but it helps.  I wear a long sleeved mock turtleneck shirt as and undershirt from  fall to late spring
ronmoffett   Greg, where is the school at and how long have u been an administrative there ?
GregF   We are in Brush Colorado which is in the north east corner and I have been here 3 years
ronmoffett   David, I also layer up. I have my long underwear on today. Do u take any medication 4 the pain ?
GregF   We have been in Brush 19 years, at the school 3
DavidOhio    GregF, my wife worked in junior high office and had similar experience with so many germs going around.
DavidOhio   ron at time I need to take some ibuprofen at night to help me get to sleep but I do okay during the day as long as I do not overdo any activity
ronmoffett   Greg, Colorado is beautiful. Have u been in education most of ur career ?  
GregF   I have had teachers out sick so I have been teaching 4th grade and Kindergarten off and on, I don't know how anybody can keep from getting sick at a school
ronmoffett   Greg, the environment ur in. U don't stand a chance of not getting sick. Just to many germs
GregF   Ron I was a heavy equipment operator and a truck and equipment mechanic for 35 years till the Dr. told me I had to stop
TomK   Good Morning Everybody
ronmoffett   That sounds like satisfying work. Also, sounds like u made an nice transition into education. Another rewarding career. 
GregF   Morning Tom How are things in your world
ronmoffett   Good Morning Tom. How r u feeling today ?
TomK   Looking Forward to Opening Day with the Reds
GregF   I have worked all of my life so when the Dr. told me I couldn't do my job anymore I didn't know how to stop so I had to find something
DavidOhio   Tom, we got lots of questions about the July family reunion on Wednesday and it was a reminder for some to forward the messages to other family members.
ronmoffett   Tom. Yes. I am looking forward to opening day as well. I am a huge baseball fan. I love this part of the year.
TomK   David we will be sending out another Family Reunion Notice in May
DavidOhio   GregF my wife kids about not really retiring since I have picked up a number of volunteer jobs.
ronmoffett   David, I take Tylenol during the day. At night, I just started taking Gabapentin. It helps me stay a sleep and control my muscle movements that would wake me up. The MDA neurologist prescribed it after a sleep study.
TomK   Ron if you get a chance to visit Johnny Bench is Upset with ESPN forcing the MLB to have 5 Night Games.
GregF   David Isn't it funny that as soon as someone finds out you are not working they find stuff for you to do
TomK   Ron I take Benadryl at Night it controls my drooling and puts me asleep!
ronmoffett   Tom, do the reds have a descent team. Losing Cueto has to hurt. 
TomK   The Reds are in a Re-Build period in search of a GOOD BULLPEN
DavidOhio   Ron I am glad you found some relief not sleeping well at night has been part of my cold recovery woes, but last night my sleep was good so I feel better today.
ronmoffett   Tom. that's what I thought. I was a Reds fan growing up watching Pete Rose and company. Hopefully it won't be a long rebuild 
ronmoffett   David, I agree. sleep is everything. It got to a point I couldn't function 
TomK   Ron they still need about 5 Good Pitchers to make the team work They have the Offense but far few good Pitchers!
ronmoffett   Gary. What's been going on with u in KC. How u been feeling.
Gary_KC   ron, I had cold food this winter even it was mild winter.
DavidOhio   Ron I know I've said it before but this year I am going work on getting up to visit our Chicago Kids and take in a ballgame at Wrigley.  I'll let you know when we come up with a plan.
Gary_KC   It is getting better now since it is getting warm.
TomK   Gary after 9Pm every night my legs start to freeze!
ronmoffett   Tom. pitching is tough to find. No one parts with a good pitcher. The Giants loaded up on star pitchers. There starting rotation is unbelievable. But they are older. It will be interesting to see how they do. 
TomK   The Reds have been trying to make some deals with the Giants for some of their Pitching Staff
ronmoffett   Gary, I know what u mean. it was a mild winter here too but I had a tough time
ronmoffett   Tom - they have the pitchers to part with but I think they are signed to large, long term deals
ronmoffett   David. How is ur daughter been doing. Is she still living in the City?
DavidOhio   Years ago my wife read about putting rice in an athletic sox tying off the opening and microwaving it for a minute and using it as a warm compress.  She now uses flannel and makes bags instead of a sox.  At night before bed I heat up what we still call rice-sox and put them between the sheet to warm up the foot of the bed.  It really helps when my feet are so cold 
ronmoffett   That's interesting David. I remember my ex wife used to have something like that years back that she used.
DavidOhio   Ron - Yes Anita and Mike were home for Easter and we had a nice visit.  Mike really enjoys his job with
ronmoffett   David. cars is a good company. What does he do for them ?
Gary_KC   David, that's a good idea. Thanks.
DavidOhio   He works on the websites using what he learned during his Masters in Human-Computer Interaction degree.  He was hired as an intern last summer after graduation and become a full-time employee before the end of last year.  They are very happy to have a little more financial security now.   
DavidOhio   I am on a non-profit board with a lady who runs a used car lot with her husband and they apparently use to help them sells cars via the internet.
ronmoffett   David - very nice. Glad to hear that he is doing well. Sounds like interesting work. 
TomK   Got to go Guys Wife getting ready for a Baby Shower for my Third Grandchild!
ronmoffett   Be well Tom 
DavidOhio   Okay Grandpa Tom until next time
ronmoffett   Congrats Tom. Be well
Gary_KC   Tom, have a wonderful day!
TomK   Grand Kids keep the spring in My Life!  bye
ronmoffett   Anyone have any trips planned for the early summer 
GregF   Planning on a week in eastern Ks. the end of may
ronmoffett   nice
Gary_KC   ron, not for me. I am very difficult to have trips.
ronmoffett   I am heading down to Atlanta. My son is playing in a baseball tournament. Its been awhile since I have been down that way ? 
GregF   That sounds fun
DavidOhio   We have not planned that far ahead yet Ron but we are going to head out for a couple of nights staying in the Ohio Amish country near Berlin Ohio.  We love that area great scenery food and for my wife more fabric stores then you can imagine
ronmoffett   Sounds very relaxing David
GregF   David I understand visiting the fabric stores my wife is a quilter 
ronmoffett   Gary, is it difficult for u to drive at all ?
Gary_KC   ron, I gave up to drive a car since I got disabled.
DavidOhio   So is Margy she and group of ladies from church make small quilts for the Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Ronald McDonald House.  Every child whose family stays there gets a comfort quilt
GregF   Thats cool... Sharri and another lady teach a Bible study focused on quilting
ronmoffett   That's very nice.  
DavidOhio   Well it is time for me to also move on to other tasks today.  Enjoyed chatting with you all today until next time Stay Vertical guys!
ronmoffett   David. Take care
GregF   You too David
Gary_KC   It was a nice chat. Enjoy beautiful spring season all. Bye all until next chat.
ronmoffett   Men. I also need to transition and start my day. I wish everyone well. Be well. 
GregF   Have a great day guys