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2017 Chat Room Transcripts


Topic: Open Forum  
ToddAllen   Good morning Ron!
ronmoffett   Good morning Todd. How are u feeling
ToddAllen   I've got a sore knee, but other than that I'm doing well.
ronmoffett   What happened to the knee ? 
ToddAllen   I had to use my scooter to take my dog for a walk this AM, but we got back on time unlike last month.
ronmoffett   Can u walk at all ?
ToddAllen   About a week ago I was attempting to jog and fatigued my legs.  My right one buckled and I overstrained my left knee.  Doc, thinks I tore the meniscus cartilage but it looks like it will heal on its own.
ToddAllen   I had to stay off it for a week, but now I'm walking gently on it.
ronmoffett   If it heals on its own. this is good.
ronmoffett   Any pain associated with the walking ?
ToddAllen   It wasn't too bad immediately after the injury.  It took a couple days to swell and stiffen.  But now the swelling is mostly gone.
ronmoffett   If u can keep the swelling down. This is great. Knees can be tough to hela because its hard to rest them
ToddAllen   It's still tender but only hurts when flexing a lot.
ronmoffett   This is good.
ronmoffett   Do u have any plans this summer. Any vacations ?
ToddAllen   From reading, if the injury is to the edge of the cartilage it tends to heal well but a tear in the center may need surgery, especially if the joint binds up.  Mine was a liittle crunchy at the peak of swelling but now is moving fairly smooth, so I think I'm going to be lucky.
ToddAllen   No summer plans, but I'm looking into going to the KDA conference this fall.  Haven't yet commited to buying tckets yet.
ronmoffett   Sounds like you could be lucky.
ronmoffett   That will be nice if you can get there. I am going to miss it this year. Too busy at work. Especially at that time of year.
ToddAllen   I don't know why they schedule them mid-week.  If you add in extra days for travel it means missing an entire work week.
ToddAllen   Can you tell if we are in the public chat room and not accidentally in a private chat?
ronmoffett   Yes. I think it has to do when the neurologists are available but we could probably have the neurologists meet and then have our meeting so it wraps to a weekend. I am not sure. 
ronmoffett   No, we are in a public chat as far as I can tell. We had a nice crowd last month. Appears we are missing a few regulars. With Summer. People have plans.
ronmoffett   How has the Forum been going. How is the activity ?
ToddAllen   Weekday vs. weekend scheduling might be worth a survey question to see if it is a factor keeping people from attending.  Though surveying just those attending the conference would probably skew the results...
ronmoffett   Yes I agree. It might be skewed. Might be worth mentioning for the 2018 conference
ToddAllen   Forums were pretty dead last month.  I made a couple posts.  Bruce made a post or two.  
ronmoffett   Hopefully, it will pick up. It appears sporadic.
ronmoffett   How is your wife doing ?
ToddAllen   I wonder if the website changes might have impacted the forums.  Perhaps having to look under the KDA services item to find the forum link reduces casual use?
ronmoffett    Not sure. I can add it to the frequently used link section but when I followed the forum, it was very sporadic with limited posts. There were a couple men that posted. Other than that. The majority of the posts were spam. 
ToddAllen   My wife is good.  She's making a career change to become a school teacher.  She just finished the training program and college course work and yesterday got an offer from her first choice of the schools she interviewed with and is set to start teaching this fall.
ronmoffett   Very exciting. Where is she going to be teaching. What grade ?
ToddAllen   I think the spam problem has been fixed.  Not sure why the other regulars disappeared last month.  Might be like the chat, the weather is too nice or whatever.
ronmoffett   Its hard to figure out. Like the attendance at the conference.
ToddAllen   Sara will be teaching 8th grade science in a Chicago public school called Herzl which is just a couple miles away from us making it the shortest commute she's ever had.
ronmoffett   8th is a nice grade to teach. The material is not too basic. Short commutes are the best. She will feel like a new person.
ToddAllen   How about yourself.  Anything new going on?  Any exciting plans?
ronmoffett   Work has been extremely busy and stressful. As far as plans. My sons baseball has started up again for summer so I will be busy with that. We are supposed to go to Ohio for a tournament. I also want to go to Tennessee and Arkansas to visit to check out retirement communities. Not sure how much longer I am going to hold up working.
ToddAllen   She contemplated teaching high school, but the older kids, especially troubled ones, can be a little intimidating.  She felt most comfortable with 8th grade, old enough for more interesting subject material but easier to manage.  After she gets more experience she might reconsider and try teaching in a high school.
ronmoffett   Yes, HS kids can be big and tough. The key for working with HS kids is you have to teach in a good school where they have zero tolerance for problems. 
ToddAllen   I understand only too well the challenge of working full time.  My former work was very demanding and I had to bail.  Now that I'm getting my health back I'm contemplating giving it a go for another year or two.  The pay was really good and it would be nice to squirrel away a bit more.  Trying to decide between a couple years of intense work and great pay or just doing limited contract work and barely scraping by for years.
ToddAllen   Unfortunately, that would probably mean a long commute to a suburban school.
ronmoffett   Its a hard decision. Money helps. Especially in our situation where it can get costly with disability products. 
ronmoffett   What type of contract work do you do ?
ToddAllen   I do programming.  Formerly developing video games.  Instead of directly working on the games I've done contracts to produce and maintain tools used by the game developers.
ronmoffett   Sounds interesting. I imagine there is a lot of stress with this
ronmoffett    Are you committed to living in Chicago for retirement ? Or do you think you will live somewhere else. ? If my memory serves me.. Your originaly from southern Illinois ?
ToddAllen   Game development work is brutal as there are production deadlines to meet and projects are invariably pushed at a frantic pace as the deadlines approach.  But the tools are a more mellow less pressured schedule.
ronmoffett   Deadlines can cause stress. I am familiar.
ToddAllen   I'm from a farm town about 100 miles south.  But no attachment to it.  My parents retired to California and have since both passed away.  My wife's parents are both still alive and here in Chicago.  They are both in their mid 80s and likely to live a long time though needing increasing support from Sara.  Neither has ever had a driver's license - probably good since they now have eyesight issues, but Sara often gives them rides.
ronmoffett   Sounds like you are committed to the Chicago area for a while.
ronmoffett   Todd, have a nice weekend. I need to transition and make my son some breakfast. It was great catching up with you. Good luck with the knee.
ToddAllen   Yeah, I think I'm stuck here.  We put in an elevator in our home a few years ago and there's no need to go somewhere else.  The winters were getting hard on me, but last year was super easy, in part my improving health though the weather was pretty mild too.  With luck that combination will keep working for me for a while.
ToddAllen   Ok, have a great day.
ronmoffett   tnx