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2018 Chat Room Transcripts


Topic: Open Forum  
DavidOhio   Good Morning Ron
ronmoffett   Good Morning David. How are you feeling ?
DavidOhio   I am feeling well how about you Ron?
DavidOhio   well it is overcast and rain is possible and the heat and humidity are returning here.  At least we had one nice day this week and we were able to get the lawn mowed that day
ronmoffett   Do you have a big lot ? 
DavidOhio   However it really does not matter to me what the weather holds since our daughter Anita and family are "home" for the weekend to help me celebrate becoming mediscare eligible.
ronmoffett   Well Happy birthday. That is very nice that they came in
ronmoffett   Any plans to celebrate
DavidOhio   Our lot is about 1/2 acre with much of taken up with gardens and trees.  Margy does most of the mowing with a little help from me.  We just recently purchased a battery operated mower and it is light weight and does a surprisingly good job mulching the grass clippings
ToddAllen   good morning!
DavidOhio   Good morning Todd
ronmoffett   Good morning Todd
ToddAllen   Seems we are the only chat regulars lately.
ronmoffett   1/2 an acre. Your almost at that riding mower size. Light weight is good if your pushing it.
DavidOhio   Yes we are having a family gathering tomorrow afternoon at our house is will be good to enjoy life
ronmoffett   Yes. Not sure what has happened to the other men.
DavidOhio   Not pushing it is self propelled and slow enough that I can keep up with it
ronmoffett   Very nice way to celebrate David.
ToddAllen   I'd love to  have a bigger lot.  I've got a double lot but it's Chicago city lots which are only 25 feet x 125 feet.
ronmoffett   Self propelled is the best.
ronmoffett   Todd, for Chicago standards thats pretty good size
DavidOhio   Where in Chicago?  Our daughter and family rent an apartment in Lakeview area
ToddAllen   We avoid the mowing thing by only keeping a very small area in lawn which I can do with a battery powered weed whip in about 10 minutes.
ToddAllen   Roughly Kedzie and Belmont on the NW side.
DavidOhio   They are just south of Belmont Lake Shore Drive exit on Briar
ToddAllen   It's  enough space for a decent garden and a dozen hens, but more would be nice.
ronmoffett   I am with you Todd. The more space the better
ToddAllen   When  you come to visit your daughter we should all get together.
ToddAllen   Ron's fairly close by too though we haven't visited yet.
ronmoffett   That would be nice
DavidOhio   Wow being able to have fresh eggs seems like a rare treat in the big city
ronmoffett   I am surprised the city allows hens. I would of guessed they have some ordinance  
DavidOhio   The only Chicago trip we have schedule at the moment is a brief visit for Thanksgiving.  Likely to have a longer visit some time next spring will let you guys know
ronmoffett   Sounds good David.
ToddAllen   Yes, I'm thankful we have the opportunity to produce good food.  And we have new neighbors with an extensive garden and  hens too.  Great being able to share.
ToddAllen   I expect next year's KDA conference should also be in Chicago.
ronmoffett   I would guess it would be but I thought this years would be in Chicago and it wasn't 
DavidOhio   That would be nice if it would return to Chicago Todd, but that has not been a regular site since I've been involved
ToddAllen   I thought it typically rotated through the 3 sites.
DavidOhio   My first conference was San Diego 2009 or 2010 and it seems to be SD ever other year and then either DC or another eastern city 
ronmoffett   It did. I think they used to rotate it between CA, East Coast and Chicago based on where the neurologist convention was which they followed. Now there is talk of not following the neurologist place and seeing if they would come to an area where we can attract more participants.
DavidOhio   We have been following an International Neurology Conference so the site is likely already selected
ToddAllen   I wonder if not following the neurology conference would affect attendance by the researchers?
ronmoffett   David. I believe you are correct. Thats how it has always been to my understanding to make it easy to get researchers to present to us 
DavidOhio   I do recall a brief discussion at one of the conferences but do not recall anything official since I got on the board a few years ago.
ronmoffett   Todd, I don't know. I imagine it would have some effect based on where they are located
ronmoffett   I remember it was in New Orleans one year maybe in Lieu of Chicago. Maybe 6 or 7 years ago. 
ToddAllen   I  considered getting a day pass to the neurology conference but it was expensive and I didn't expect it would be a good value for me.
ronmoffett   Just curious. How expensive was it ?
DavidOhio   I suspect the main impact would be for international researchers and we have many of them regularly attend our symposium 
ToddAllen   I think the cheapest option I saw was roughly $400.
ronmoffett   Wow. Must be a money maker for them. I wouldn't of guessed it would be that much. 
DavidOhio   I know that this year there will be a number of UK researchers from their NIH equivalent 
ronmoffett   David and Todd. Are you going this year
DavidOhio   Todd do you recall the official name for the neurology conference
ToddAllen   Not off the top of my head, but I could look it up.
DavidOhio   No I will not be able to attend this year.  The last time I traveled to SD it took me entirely too long to recover from the stress.  I used to use air travel a lot for work but now it just wears me out.
ToddAllen   The timing is awkward for me this year and I'll probably miss  it, though if things work out and I can find reasonable last minute air fare I would go.
ronmoffett   I am the same way David. I just can't navigate the flying anymore and getting around. Its too difficult. Its also too far for me to drive.
ToddAllen   I also find travel stressful.  Often catch a cold after flying and I never sleep well in hotels.
DavidOhio   That is why we drove to Colorado this year for our Rocky Mountain adventure.  We have talked about combining an SD conference with a west coast driving trip but that requires a lot of time as well as dollars.
ronmoffett   That would be a lot of days on the road. SD is a far drive  
DavidOhio   Todd I guess you can get a non-stop flight from Chicago but the last time I made the SD trip I was routed through Washington DC from Cincinnati making it an all day airport adventure
ronmoffett   I am usually goad for between 8 or 10 hour driving trips where I can drive 4 or 5 hours in a day. More than that I just become worn out and it takes  awhile for me to recover.
ToddAllen   As much as I dislike air travel I think a long drive would be even more taxing.  I think a train might  be a good way to travel but I've never tried it for a long trip.  It's a shame the golden years of rail and luxury trains are mostly a thing of the past.  
ronmoffett   Todd, I love trains but they aren't cheap anymore and it can be hard to get to a destination directly without changing trains. If you can get your own room. Its very relaxing.
ToddAllen   I can see how that would make air less appealing.  For me I can walk to a CTA train station and ride to either of our airports and typically get a direct flight.
DavidOhio   I think I'll do a little research on the train option.  However I think starting in Chicago would be necessary for that option as well.+
ronmoffett   Yes. I believe so. There is a train that goes down the coast of California. When I was young. I took a train to Seattle and then transferred and took the train that goes down the California coast. It was a beautiful ride. Very relaxing.
DavidOhio   Well gents I will need to drop off the chat soon since we have plans to meet our daughter for lunch.  It is supposed to be a surprise for me so wish me luck on acting like I did not know they were already in town
ToddAllen   The rain has passed and my dog is pestering me to go for a walk.  I'll catch up with you next month.
ronmoffett   Have a wonderful weekend Todd
DavidOhio   Until next month stay vertical! 
ronmoffett   David. Happy B Day. Have a nice weekend