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Kennedy's Disease Chat Transcript  01-1-2005

Topic:  Open Forum

Host: Murray Williams


Chat Participants:



murf entered the room.

You are in Kennedy's Disease Chat.

There are 2 people in the room.

murf: Morning TJ

doughboy: Hey Murf, what's happening! Thanks for the Coakley Cane info - How much are they!

murf: I don't think John has figured that out yet

doughboy: Hows the foot today?

murf: I got mine for $80 at the aution

murf: OK still a little swollen

doughboy: We are taking down all of the Christmas decorations this morning, what a job.

murf: I'll have to do that tomorrow I think

doughboy: When do you report back to work?

murf: On Monday but I've been checking e-mails every day or so. Last check was just a minute ago.

doughboy: Are going to watch Texas Am and Texas Longhorns bowl games today? Wasn't Babbins great yesterday!

murf: What channel is it on? Great fish!!

doughboy: I believe 11 or 13

doughboy: A & M comes on around 12 and texas comes on at 4pm

murf: OK. I wanted to watch the ball drop in Time Square last night but couldn't find it on TV

doughboy: What time is it? Are we early Hell I can't stay up that late!

murf: 9:35 Looks like it's going to be a slow day here

doughboy: I was hoping not since this is the first 1 for me in about 2 months

murf: Maybe a lot for people hung over. //0

doughboy: Reckon everyone might have celebrated 2 muck last nite

murf: I think so

doughboy: what r your plans for 2 day

LouLou entered the room.

murf: Maybe watch the games. Relax with my foot up

murf: Morning Ron

doughboy: I might run 2 Westside Chevrolet and look for a new vehicle

LouLou: Happy New Year!!! Hope yopu guys had a good night.

murf: You should get a good deal today

doughboy: Goodmorning Lou Lou and Happy New Year

doughboy: I hope so!

murf: Happy New Year Ron

doughboy: Being a poor state employee and all

murf: What are you going to buy?

doughboy: Lou Lou, where r u from?

doughboy: I don't know! Maybe a Trail Blazer, I really need something to haul my chair in!

LouLou: Ted and Murf--Where is everyone? I am from Lancaster, PA>

doughboy: Hey Lou, that's what I asked Murf a while ago!

murf: Maybe a little hung over today//2

doughboy: How's the weather there today?

LouLou: Maybe alot hung over.

doughboy: Maybe they will drag in in a bit!

LouLou: Herew on PA it is 49 deg. and supposed to go to 58 deg.

murf: We're at 61 deg and foggy.

murf: In Houston

LouLou: How are the Texas rain forrests doing?

doughboy: Oh, that's not bad at all for either of us

doughboy: Their fine

murf: I think we're going to get more rain today or tomorrow.

murf: CA has been getting it lately

doughboy: We are taking down the Christmas tree now, well my wife,daughter & son n law are, (I'm glad)

LouLou: Did they send a notice about having the chats on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays?

murf: I wonder if Terry & Susanne are under water

murf: Susanne sent an e-mail last week.

doughboy: They were supposed to get some more snow in parts today

murf: us?

LouLou: Isn't it terrible about the earthquake causing the gigantic tidal waves. We never know when we have it good.

murf: or CA?

doughboy: No california

doughboy: My gosh, the death toll keeps rising, I don't think they will ever no how many really died

murf: Ron - I have a cousin, his wife 2 kids and my Uncle and Ant in Thialand

murf: They are all ok

LouLou: It is hard to imagine 140,000 dead and numbers still climbing.

doughboy: People better read their bible, it's foretold.

murf: They decided not to go to Phuket this year, good thing!

doughboy: I would be afraid of a disease outbreak!

LouLou: Glad to hear your relatives are ok. The after math might be worse than the initial waves.

murf: They think more will be taken by disease that the waves

doughboy: Really? That's bad

murf: They should be ok, they are in Bangkok

doughboy: Hey , do you have to apply for disability at work before you apply for Social Security disability?

LouLou: Hard to believe they have food and water for the survivors but can't get it to the coastal cities. Maybe they better try to get it in by boats.

murf: I don't know TJ but you might want to e-mail Bruce.

doughboy: That's a good idea

LouLou: Depends on your age. Disability can be declared at any age.

doughboy: I wish he would join us today

murf: I think we're it today

murf: TJ do you have Bruce's e-mail address?

doughboy: Well, I am being restricted by my Dr.'s about what I can do at work and they want me to quit, so I was wondering do you have to be approved for disability at work before you get SS disability

LouLou: If Bruce doesn't come on the dchat maybe you can e-mail him to get the info. He is our resident Guru

doughboy: Yes I do, thanks buddy!

murf: I think you might need Dr's ok

murf: You're dealing with the Government.

LouLou: It sure was sad about John M. passing away. He was a great guy. Always ready to help with any computer problem.

doughboy: Hey Lou, I met Murf for lunch yesterday and I can tell you his newly broken foot didn't hurt his appetite at all! Just Kidding Murf, I sure enjoy our lunch sessions!! //1

murf: Very sad. He was always on the chats

murf: Me too TJ Great fish joint!

doughboy: Where was John from, how old was he and what did he pass from?

LouLou: Murf--How is your brothewr doing? Has his KD gottern any worse? Whats this about a broken foot?

doughboy: It's a great story, Lou!

LouLou: John was from Florida. I think he was 72. He had a bad fall and was hospitalized and never recovered.

murf: I broke it on the 24th. I got tangled up in my CEPAP machine, fell out of bed and the machine fell on my foot.

LouLou: OK Murf. Tell your version of the story. Were you dreaming or drinking?

murf: It was tough for a few days

doughboy: I think he was dreaming

murf: Mybe both//0

doughboy: Probably//1

doughboy: How is your KD doing Lou? How old r u!

murf: My boss doesn't believe me either

LouLou: Does your CEPAP make sleeping alot easier? (normally that is)

LouLou: My KD seems to have gotten worse in the past couple of months. Of course dealing with the colder weather doesn't help either.

LouLou: I am 64 years young.

murf: Yes, I think a lot of us have sleep problems and should concider using one of these. Need to check with your Dr of course.

murf: I can't handle cold weather at all.

LouLou: I don't seem to have trouble sleeping but, I have been having more trouble when eating.

doughboy: Hey LouLou, how is your memory, I mean Murf & I were discussing yesterday how we seem to be forgetting things more often!

murf: My brother is having problems with the weather

murf: Forget what?//2

doughboy: What r u talking about

LouLou: My tells me my hearing and memory are getting worse. It seems I forget what she tells me alot of the time.

LouLou: My Wife that is.

murf: Is that selective?

LouLou: Of course.

doughboy: selective what!

murf: Ron - do we have a BOD meeting today?

LouLou: Both hearing and forgetting things.

murf: I forgot

doughboy: forgot what

murf: LOL

doughboy: LOL to u 2//5

LouLou: LOL!!! Way to go Murf. They said we wouldn't have BOD meeting just the chat.

murf: OK//2

murf: Good medicine these chats!

LouLou: How is your foot? Where is the break? Is it in a cast?

doughboy: Hey guys, I hate to leave such great company but I think I'm going to get busy & try 2 accomplish something today! Hey Murf this is the New Year, are u going 2 quit smoking//1

murf: The bone behind my second toe. Nothing they can do.

LouLou: John Coakley usually has a good story to tell. He is a great joke teller.

murf: I'm thinking about it

doughboy: Hey Murf, sue yourself for a cool million and let your homeowner's pay for it!

LouLou: Can you walk without alot of pain?

LouLou: Hey Ted--Good idea.

LouLou: Hey Ted--Good idea.

murf: Thinking

doughboy: Hell, I'm sure someone has done it!

murf: I don't walk very good anyway so the couch gets lots of use lately.

doughboy: I'm sure you are tramatized by your C-Pap now!//1

murf: I'm thinking about nailing it down!

murf: Big nails

LouLou: I miss my pool exercises every day. Can't wait for spring and warmer weather.

murf: Do you have you're own pool Ron?

doughboy: Hey guys, you know we can alway's e-mail each other to talk, we don't have 2 wait for a chat. My e-mail address is under KD contacts, see ya'll later.

LouLou: Yes it is an above ground so I can run. I go in circles but never get anywhere. At least I don't get lost. lol

murf: Buy TJ, have a good day and take care.

doughboy has left the room.

murf: How do you get in?

LouLou: So long Ted. Stay healthy.

LouLou: Murf. Getting in is no triuble. Getting out is a challenge sometimes. I have steps with a riling. It helps.

LouLou: My typing is terrible today. I need another drink.

murf: I've been thinking about putting one in but it will be below ground

murf: I'll need a ramp with railings maybe

LouLou: If you do--be sure to make easy access with steps with rails.

murf: I've been thinking about it for a couple of years now.

murf: Do you find it good?

LouLou: Maybe even a ramp which could make getting in and out easier.

murf: How big are your steps?

murf: How deep is your pool?

LouLou: It is great therapy. You can run in the water when we can hardly even walk fast on land. Water takes away alot of weight and shock to our legs.

murf: Boy, that would be nice.

LouLou: My pool is 4ft 6in so it is a reasonable height to run or swim.

murf: Sounds like a good depth.

LouLou: Is your brother doing OK?

murf: I think he's having more trouble lately.

LouLou: When I met him in Baltimore he seemed very good. Of course that was 2 years ago.

murf: He's having trouble walking in the snow as we all do.

LouLou: We must remember to save the chat. I left the chat early last time and didn't get it saved.

LouLou: Snow or sand is a real challenge.

murf: Yup I was thinking about that a minute ago. I hope I don't forget!//2

LouLou: What did you think of John Coakley's cane.?

murf: I haven't got mine yet but I think it's pretty good. Smart man John.

LouLou: I think we need a cane that is short enough for a cane but can be extended to use as a crutch.

murf: What did you think?

LouLou: Great ideas incorporated into the design.

murf: That's an idea. I have been using crutches lately. They hurt my armpits

murf: Too much wieght I think

murf: Ron?

LouLou: He really thought about alot of things we need in a cane. Being able to get off the floor is still a challenge. We need a crutch like device sometimes to get up steps where there is no rail to hold on to.

murf: Ya, I don't think I can get up with this cane but like the car opener thing.

murf: I think he'll do well with it.

LouLou: Hey Murf--I hope you have a great and healthy new year. I must go for now. Take care of your foot. Will you save the chat?

murf: Thanks You too and all your family. I'll save the chat now. See you next time. Take care.