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"I had just been diagnosed with Kennedy's Disease and had no idea what it was or what to expect. The KDA maintains an excellent website that explains the disease. I found details on symptoms, the cause, and exercises I could do to maintain my strength."

2016 Chat Room Transcripts

Topic:Open Forum  
ronmoffett  Good Morning  
carofer    good morning  
ronmoffett  carofer. I forget where you are from ?  
carofer    near santa cruz california where it is cloudy and cool today  
ronmoffett  Ok. I am about an hour from Chicago. Its also cloudy and cool. Around here its cloudy and cool most of the time.
ronmoffett  Kayss1. Where are you from ?  
ronmoffett  Carofer. The KDA conference is in San Diego this year. Are you able to attend ?
carofer    happy 4th of july weekend!  
ronmoffett  Good Morning Katrinata18  
ronmoffett  Happy 4th. Any plans this 4th  
ronmoffett  Good Morning Gary  
Gary_KC    Good morning. It is a rainy day this morning in Overland Park in KS. We need more rain, anyway.
ronmoffett  Gary. Cloudy and cool here in Illinois. How have you been feeling ?
Gary_KC    ron, I am fine because it is hot summer. It is about 65 degrees this morning.
ronmoffett  Good to hear. How are your winters. I assume somewhat mild ?  
Gary_KC    ron, it was a mild winter but it still bothered me.  
ronmoffett  Gary, cold seams to be the common problem with KDers. Here near Chicago, the winters are brutal. Like you. I do better in the hot summer.
Gary_KC    ron, I agree with you.  -)
ronmoffett  Gary, any plans this 4th of July weekend ?  
Gary_KC    BBQ at my friend home.  
carofer    any one going to the kda conference?  
ronmoffett  Very nice. I am busy with baseball with my son. Going to get together for some breakfast with friends also.
ronmoffett  I am not. Are u going carofer ? Its in San Diego  
Gary_KC    I wish I can attend the conference. I cannot attend it with my health condition.
ronmoffett  I am going to wish everyone a Happy 4th. I need to get my son to a baseball game so I need to drop off the chat early. Be well. 
Gary_KC    ron, Happy 4th of July, too.  
carofer    i am planning to go to san diego  
carofer    390 for my wife and me -- i assume tax deductible?  
carofer    c u ronmoffett, good luck with the baseball. keep an eye on the ball
carofer    i understand, gary_kc. maybe we can get some webinars going to broadcast the conference to others who cannot attend
Gary_KC    carofer, that is a good idea. I will try it this year.  
carofer    i use a rollie now, and my biggest hassle is picking things up off the floor when I drop them
carofer    the  rollie has been great for me. I have not fallen in more than a year now
carofer    previously, i would fall every couple of months  
Gary_KC    I use a manual wheelchair in home, powered wheelchair, and scooter to go outside.
carofer    how do you transport the scooter?  
carofer    that's been the showstopper for me with respect to a scooter  
Gary_KC    The both are the same seat height. I can transfer safely.  
carofer    do you have an attachment to the car to carry  the scooter?  
Gary_KC    No, I cannot drive car because I could not renew my driver's Lisence with my health condition. 
Gary_KC    I cannot walk at all.  -(
carofer    we have pretty good paratransit public transportation here that handles chairs and will give you a ride wherever. do you have that?
Gary_KC    Yes, we have a public shuttle bus transport for handicap and senior people.
Gary_KC    I can use it for doctor appointments and shoppings.  
carofer    not much happening here today. I hope that means that everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, which is what I plan to do starting  now.  Have a great weekend and lots of barbecue!
carofer    see you all next month  
Gary_KC    Happy 4th of July, too. Enjoy hot summer. Take care!