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Kennedy's Disease Chat Transcript 09-07-02

Topics: Open Forum

Host: Bruce Gaughran


Chat Participants:



apneanet -- Hi bruce, Dave Hargett here to test and learn the chat room
bruce -- Good Morning, Dave, we are te first today.
bruce -- What is the weather like in Chicago today?
apneanet -- No problem, gives me a chance to play. Haven't been outside
yet, but it's supposed to be sunny and 88 degrees.
bruce -- We have had fantastic weather this week - 70's in the day and low
60's at nigyht. GOod sleeping weather.
johni -- {welcome johni}
apneanet -- The first difference in this chat from what I'm used to is the
scroll. I'm used to reading down the page. This top of the page format is
a bit different for me, but I'll get used to it.
terryw -- Dave you can also use the Pause Screen
apneanet -- where are you bruce?
bruce -- Dave, you can't take your eyes off the screen for long or it will
be gone (scrolled down). The auto-refresh is also difficult to get used
to. I am in the Philadelphia area.
bruce -- Good morning, John, Welcome
bsofree -- {welcome bsofree}
johni -- Hi everyone from a cool and showery England!
bruce -- How cool is it over there today, John?
johni -- About 18 degrees Celsius
terryw -- Hi Johni, We can send you some heat from California.
johni -- Yes, please, my feet are freezing!
terryw -- Davei, I use thos furry Aussie Ugg Boots when it's cold. They
work wonders.
johni -- What are Aussie Ugg boots and where can you get them?
bruce -- Welcome Paul - it is Paul, right?
bsofree -- Yes Bruce, it is Paul.
bsofree -- Good morning all. I am from S. Cal and my name is Paul Liu
terryw -- {welcome terryw}
lenj -- {welcome lenj}
terryw -- Hey Hey.
bruce -- good morning, Terry
bruce -- Good Morning, len
terryw -- Welcome Dave.
lenj -- he4llo everyone
terryw -- Hello Len,, You coming to Calif?
lenj -- No Terry, we bought an entertainment center instead
terryw -- OK Len, no problem. I guess we will have to come visit you.
lenj -- Terry, please do
bruce -- Len, where are you located in the world?
lenj -- Bruce, we moved to Las Vegas in April from Buffalo
bruce -- Lost Wages - I am Las Vegas. That has to be quite the change from
Buffalo. Are you still a Bills fan?
lenj -- Brube BIG AS EVER. I have a Bils display in my den and I ordered
satalite TV with NFL package and lined 3 Bills bars for backup
bruce -- Len, I guess that answers the question on whether you are a Bills fan!
bsofree -- Hi Lini, we were in Vegas last week-end, mostly for our little
daughter June. But, we ended up enjoying your exciting city, as usual.
apneanet -- good morning everyone. Apneanet is Dave Hargett, who will be
with you on your chat on October 5 to talk about sleep apnea. I'm signing
in for a bit today to see how this chatroom works.
bruce -- We have Dave Hargett on this morning for a few minutes. He will
be our special guest during the October 5 chat on Sleep Apnea.
terryw -- Thank you dave for being available to speak on Oct 5.
apneanet -- Terry, no problem. I'm always ready to talk about sleep apnea
and CPAP. This will just be a little different place for me to be.
apneanet -- As part of my testing to be ready for 10/5, I'd like to try to
cut and paste something into the window here. May I give that a try?
bruce -- Dave, give it a shot.
apneanet -- This is a link to a photo memorial about the 9/11 attacks of
last year. The music mentioned by this quote is a piece by Enya, which
repeats about 3 times, so the entire set of photos is about 15 minutes
long. It's a 7 mb download, so 56K modem users might not want to try it. *
America Attacked 9 1 1. It's a little long and the music's repetitious,
but the images are stunning. Check it out at:
terryw -- I have seen that memorial dave. Very touching.
apneanet -- My thought is that I might have a few prepared definitions for
our CPAP/apnea chat and it would save time to cut and paste rather than
retype everything, so I wanted to experiment. It looks like cutting and
pasting works, but it doesn't seem that the links are live. I guess you
have to grab them with a quick copy yourself.
terryw -- Thats a good way to do it Dave.
bruce -- Dave, you might have taught me something with this experiment. Thanks
terryw -- Dave, the links go live after the chat ends and the transcript
is created. not whiles its in session.
terryw -- we sent the chat transcript out to all out mailing list .
terryw -- send
apneanet -- thanks terry, that's helpful to know.
butch -- {welcome butch}
bruce -- Good Morning, Butch. Great weather isn't it?
terryw -- Len, I got some bad news this week my day was diagnosed with
Prostate Cancer, so we will most likely be coming up soon.
bruce -- Terry, soory to hear the news about your father. Where does he live?
terryw -- Life deals us some bad things sometimes, it all depends on how
we face them.
bsofree -- Sorry to hear the news about your dad, Terry.
terryw -- Bruce he lives in Las Vegas, they think they caught it early
enough. still awaiting size & stage results from the biopsy.
bruce -- We wish all of you the best on this health issue.
lenj -- Terry, is there anything we can do?
terryw -- Len, not at this time. thanks for the offer.
butch -- Terry: Sorry to hear about your father. Prostrate successful cure
rates are very high. we'll say our prayers for him.
terryw -- ty butch.
don48312 -- sry 2 hear about your dad terry
terryw -- He is strong don, I think he will get through it. Hope
don48312 -- will add him 2 my prayer list
terryw -- ty
butch -- Good day to all: Hope this is finding you all healthy and strong.
Yes Bruce we are lucky for the rain we had.
lenj -- Bruce-fingers aren't working yet
terryw -- We had a couple new KD individuals contact us again this week.
One is 25 yrs of age. thats one of the earliest diagnosed we have heard of.
bruce -- Terry, 25 is young for diagnosis of KD. This is interesting. His
doctor must have been pretty sharp also to catch this.
terryw -- Yes Bruce. It seems that the word for the KD test is getting out
bruce -- Did everyone see the email sent by Patrick on the House bill for
Rare Diseases? I might recommend taking the time to contact your
representatives on this. It might be helpful if we can get this pushed through.
terryw -- good Idea Bruce.
bsofree -- Terry, I am in touch with Mr. Pepper. He lives not far from
where I am. I plan to visit him next week, after my return from Chicago.
terryw -- good deal Bsofree.
bsofree -- Also terry, I shall be in Baltimore evening of Oct 13th and
attend the breakfaast on Monday, Oct 14th. I have to leave around 2pm to
get back to L.A.
terryw -- Thats great paul, we have been informed that the check &
registration is in the mail.
john-c. -- Hi Jean: thanks for the notes earlier. Paul: some of us will be
getting together for dinner in Balto on the 13th.
bsofree -- John C, if some of you will still be around after 9pm on the
13th, I could at least join you all for a night cap (tea), cuz my flight
arrives around 8 something.
john-c. -- Paul: looks like we will be together starting around
5:30....probably breaking up about 8.
bsofree -- John c, then see you the morning of Oct 14th for breakfast. I
shall have couple of Freedom 1 with me.
john-c. -- {welcome john-c.}
bruce -- Welcome, John
terryw -- Hi John,
bruce -- Thanks to all of your efforts, Terry.
terryw -- you are welcome bruce. This is a lot of work but its worth it.
bruce -- Terry, how many have registered now for the conference?
terryw -- bruce, 58 not counting the doctors & speakers
bruce -- That is great - it continues to grow.
terryw -- total count of attendees is now at 82
bsofree -- Terry, is it possible to have a list of who are attending by
the end of the month?
terryw -- Paul, we do not send out these lists based on confidentiality,
those attending the conference can share their information if they wish
with others at that time. Sorry
bsofree -- Terry, no problem. It is good practice for security purpose
john-c. -- Good morning men: sure takes a few minutes to catch up on this
don48312 -- {welcome don48312}
bruce -- What is everyone doing for fun and enjoyment this summer? Anyone
do anything special that would like to share withe the group?
johni -- We have been to the first two home games of my team Liverpool
Football Club!
terryw -- Bruce, We went yeaterday to the parade of tall sailing ships at
LA harbour. I took some Pictures if anyone is interested can see the pictures here
bruce -- Welcome Don
terryw -- Bruce, I hear the fountains at longwood gardens are now back on
and operating. The draught ban has been lifted.
bruce -- No, Terry, the drought ban is still on, but with a little rain i
think they have some water shows taking place right now. We still need rain.
terryw -- Bruce I got a letter from Longwood saying the fountains are back
on for them at least as of OCt 1.
lenj -- Hi Don & John
speedy -- {welcome speedy}
bruce -- Welcome Speedy
bruce -- Paul, you are traveling quite a bit these days. Do you take your
scooter with you?
bsofree -- Bruce, without my scooter (Freedom 1), I wouldn't be able to
travel at all.
speedy -- hi bruce I finally got in here fell broke my foot again
bruce -- Speedy, I am sorry to hear that. I have broke mine a couple of
times over the past ten years - no fun.
johni -- Sorry Speedy about your foot. I've been lucky - in my many falls
I have only broken a big toe.
john-c. -- Speedy: i broke some teeth putting it in my mouth, but the foot
always comes out unscathed.
bruce -- Speedy, do you have one of the walking -soft casts?
speedy -- johni the problem is after i broke it i fell on it 3 more times.
bsofree ihave take my scooter to La VEgas Mexico every time i travel it
seems to work beeter than the wheel cchair.
bsofree -- Speedy, chair is definitely more comfortable, it just that for
distance....scooter works a little better. Then, cost wise...scooter is a
lot cheaper therefore more accessable.
daveg -- {welcome daveg}
bruce -- Welcome, Dave
daveg -- Hi everyone
melski -- {welcome melski}
bruce -- Welcome Mel
terryw -- Hello Melski,
johnm -- {welcome johnm}
terryw -- Hello Johnm
bruce -- Let's get a check on where everyone is from on the chat room
today: PA, CA, MD, NV, England, IL, - where else?
melski -- good morning from the valley of the sun--phoenix
terryw -- Hot there still Melski?
melski -- Big rain storm lst night. Much needed. high of 98 today. GREAT!
lenj -- Melski that storm passed right over Vegas and a few dros fell. We
needed it and you got it.
don48312 -- Florida, Sun City Center
bruce -- All right - add FL and AZ
bruce -- Anyone from "Down Under" on today?
daveg -- Hi Bruce, I've been catching up on the first part of the chat -
yes I am Down Under
melski -- davac: Do you know Alistair from "down under"?
johnm -- Florida
bruce -- Add Austrialia and Madrid ....
bruce -- Welcome John
terryw -- {welcome terryw}
butch -- {goodbye butch}
butch -- {welcome butch}
john-c. -- God draw this AM, Bruce
bruce -- John-c, yes. Still need a good topic to really bring them, in however.
john-c. -- Bruce: That will rectify itself even more after the conf. when
we get to really talk to each other. Then topics will gravitate to
familiarities easier.
terryw -- If anyone is interested I took those tall sailing ship photos
yeaterday and will be posting them to my photo website in a few day at
terryw -- check for tuesday
john-c. -- Hi Butch: Looking forward to seeing you again next week.
johni -- I have problems moving around in bed, so next week I am having a
demonstration of an elecrtic bed. Anyone had any experience of them?
johni -- Do I take it that no one has any experience of electric beds?
don48312 -- <----- no experience with elect bed
john-c. -- Sorry Johni...none here personally.
lenj -- In bed I must supply my own electricity
don48312 -- me2 lenj, and wife says i need new batteries
bruce -- Johni- no, but I would be interested in learning more about your
experiences (positive and negative).
johni -- Just if anyone else here is a user, how they find it. Does it help?
don48312 -- we are eligiblle to get scooters from the MDA loan closet
don48312 -- also eligible to get car carriers for the scooters, which
attach to a u-haul hitch
lenj -- Yes Don, I have an MDA loaner-Pride Celebrity
bsofree -- don48312, sorry, do you mean MDA could let us have a scooter,
or is it the opposite..sorry.
don48312 -- bso, MDA will loan a scooter to Kders
terryw -- Yes paul, tha MDA has a supply of equipment in their pool and if
they have what you need they will either loan it to you or just let you have it.
bsofree -- That's fantastic don48312. I know Pride well, good product, but
even their lightest weight Sonic is over 150 lbs. I can drive it to the
tail gate of the plane, like I do with our Freedom 1, which weights only
43 lbs, fully loaded.
terryw -- BS, I think Lenj got his scooter delivered right to his door
from the MDA, free of charge
don48312 -- MDA has been a great help to the KDers in FL and MI
lenj -- That's right the MDA delivered it to my door last year and this
year they sent a repairman to instal new batteries free of charge. They
help with maintenance and upkeep.
terryw -- I am taking my chair in next week for a tune up and to get the
batteries replaced. The MDA picks up the bill up to $300 a year. that
really helps out.
melski -- Terry: That amount has changed to $500.00 a year and $2000.00
for assistance for replacement or purchase.EThis was even mentioned on the
telethon. You may wish to update your file on that!!!
terryw -- WOW, that is great Melski, I guess I can ask them to put on the
turbo charger then LOL
bsofree -- The MDA, at least in LA, a fantastic org. I inquired & now,
they are pushing me to show up & participate.
bruce -- I would encourage anyone to register with their local MDA office.
They have plenty of needed services available.
terryw -- BS, I see Doctor Graves & Doctor Anderson at the UCLA clinic.
butch -- Johni: Our Lions club has a hospital equipment loan program which
includes electric hospital beds. What is it you wish to know?
fergi -- {welcome fergi}
terryw -- To Pause the screen if needed click on the text just above the
type message box. you can resume at any time.
don48312 -- hello my friend Fernando
bruce -- I'll put in a pitch for the October 5th chat - The subject is
CPACP/BIPAP amd Sleep Apnea. John Haggert will be our special guest. He is
visiting the chat room today to get an idea of what goes on.
john-c. -- That should be an interesting topic.
terryw -- Hi Fergi, long time. How have you been my friend?
fergi -- Hi to all from Madrid
don48312 -- welcome john haggert
bruce -- Hello Fergi and welcome...
fergi -- I just came back to Madrid from my summer period in Mediterranean coast
johni -- Fergi - that sounds great. Wish I was there.
bruce -- Fergi, time really flies by. It seems like the last time we
chatted you had just returned from the Med.
fergi -- Bruce, I relly had a very busy 2002 because i also move to a new house.
butch -- Hey John: re you ready to get your dancing shoes on for the hoe down?
john-c. -- I'm ready.
fergi -- Hi, Bruce, are you from Australia?
bruce -- Gergi, no I am in Pennsylvania. i was just collecting a list of
where everyone is from today. I find it interesting that people from all
over North America, Europe and Australia join us on Saturday mornings.
john-c. -- In case any of you are in MD next weekend, there is an open
invitation to our home for an annual Square Dance with 200 people who
can't dance. Lots of family fun....Everyone welcome.
terryw -- wish I could be there John.
apneanet -- This is Dave Hargett, your guest for the 10/5 chat on Sleep
Apnea and CPAP/BiPAP. If anyone active here today or who receives this
transcript would like to email me to give me an idea of what they would
like to know about those topics, please email . I'd
like to make the chat as helpful as I can on that topic. I'll be
representing the American Sleep Apnea Association and my own experience as
a sleep apnea patient who has been on CPAP for 8 years this month.
terryw -- Thanks Dave Hargett.
apneanet -- I appreciate your letting me sit in for a few moments this
morning to get a feel for the group and to learn how this chat room works.
I'll be back on October 5.
bruce -- Thank you so much Dave. We appreciate your support.
bruce -- Reference Dave's comment: One of the chat room topics that was
requested was CPAP/BIPAP and sleep apnea. To help Dave prepare, if you
have any specific questions on this subject. Send them to Dave or myself
within the next two weeks. IT will help Dave prepare for the chat and make
for a more informative chat room. [Bruce - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
fergi -- Me, next monday i will go to buy a new electric wheelchair but in
Spain . I´ve seing in net PRIDE chairs very good, but isn´t dealer en Spain.
bsofree -- fergi, try a shoprider product. They should be well represented
in Spain.
fergi -- Bsofree, thanks, can you give me an URL addres?
bsofree -- fergi, visit me through KDA's link on Freedom 1. Otherwise, it
is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
don48312 -- <-- I and wife worked the MDA telethon this year. have for
over 30 years
terryw -- Don, this is the first year we have missed. We have been very
busy with the conference stuff.
john-c. -- good 4 u Don. It's great to "give back".
don48312 -- worked MDA telethon even be4 i knew i had KD
apneanet -- {goodbye apneanet}
terryw -- My Real dad was good friends with Jerry Lewis, My real day
passed away a while ago.
terryw -- real dad
lenj -- I tell people that I'm one of Jerry's kids
terryw -- Fergi, you can find the Freedom 1 paul is talking about at the KDA site
johni -- Lenj - Does it get you anywhere?
don48312 -- terry, do we also advertise pride scooters on the kda site???
butch -- Isn't it sad how Jerry Lewis has gained so much weight from the
steroids? But as you saw if you watched the telethon, he still works hard
for his Kids Young and Old alike.
lenj -- No, usually I have to explain
terryw -- I have a link to them on the site also
fergi -- bsofree, ok i will try to contact you later. I need know where
buy a new and modern wheelchair. My old one, is 4 years in use and begin
to have problems with motors. In Spain the Security social, give us every
three years up to US $3500 for remplace it.
bruce -- Terry, I have recommended to several people that they visit the
KDA web site. It is the best way to get people grounded on KD. The
American Sleep Apnea Association and Respiratory Asscoations both found it
informative. Nice job!
terryw -- Thank you bruce.
bsofree -- fegi, look forward to hearing from you soon and I certainly
could put you in touch with one of the several scooters/chairs
distributors in your country.
john-c. -- Terry, you ought to call Jerry up, renew the old acquaintence,
and invite hiom to stop in at the conference. Nothing ventured..etc.
terryw -- I wish I had his number or could contact him.
don48312 -- have 2 go now. gl all. hope 2 c u at convention in Balt, bye
john-c. -- bye Don
terryw -- see you later don.
lenj -- Byr Don, say hello to Mike
bruce -- Okay, I've got to know from the Florida folks. Miami or Florida
this afternoon?
don48312 -- {goodbye don48312}
bruce -- Take care Don
johni -- Bye Don
patrick -- {welcome patrick}
bsofree -- bye Don, see you in Baltimore, morning of Oct 14th???
bruce -- Welcome Patrick - better late than never
john-c. -- I agree, Bruce. Nice job Terry (& Susanne).
terryw -- Hi patrick.
bsofree -- Hello Patrick, you are coming in as we are going out?
patrick -- {welcome patrick}
bruce -- Patrick, we put a plug in earlier for the Rare Disease bill. I
hope everyone contacts their representatives on this.
patrick -- Hello everyone. Looks like you've got a good chat going.
fergi -- I´d like go to next KDA conference en October, but my main
problem is not economic other the language. I supose there will not a
translate service at all
bruce -- We have a good turn-out today. Thanks to everyone for taking the
time to participate.
john-c. -- Bruce: w/14 today you might have set a record.
patrick -- I had a Dr. appointment yesterday and didn't get home 'til
late, so I didn't get up as early today and that's why I'm late (and my
cat ate my homework!).
butch -- This message is for Jerry Lewis-- Please join us on the first and
third Saturdays for some quality talk about muscular disease problems and
solutions.Jerry we would welcome your abilith to educate the medical
profession about Kennedys disease.
terryw -- thanks for hosting bruce.
bruce -- It is football time again - men stay home a little more on
Saturdays to watch their favorite teams.
johni -- I still go to the game, but also watch them on TV
lenj -- Bruce SUNDAYS are the REAL games
bsofree -- Fergi, come anyway. I am sure we could find someone fluent in
Spanish, right Terry & Susanne? In fact, I am having Spanish lesson this
afternoon from 1-3, a parent and children joint study program.
bruce -- Your cat ate your homework!!!! That needs further explantation.
terryw -- Never was a big football fan, when in school nobody ever gave me
the ball. Now I'm takling the KDA Ball and running with it.
lenj -- GO BILLS
john-c. -- Not to me, Bruce. I have had the same excuse for yrs.
butch -- Hey guys maybe if we leave messages on the chat for MDA Jerry
will see it and maybe join us.
bruce -- And you haven't fumbled the ball. Nice job, Terry
bsofree -- terry..and doing a fine job, running with the KDA.
lenj -- Terry yes and gaining plenty of yardage
terryw -- doing our best.
daveg -- Goodnight everybody it's getting late this side of the world -
enjoy the rest of your day. thanks for the chat.
terryw -- goodbye Daveg
bsofree -- daveg...good night to you too.
bruce -- Dave, thanks for joining us. Take care and stay healthy.
john-c. -- Good thought Butch. You just never know who's "out there".
daveg -- {goodbye daveg}
butch -- Solong daveg.
john-c. -- Bye Dave
speedy -- dave where are you
lenj -- Goodbye everyone. Talk to you soon
bruce -- I love the chat room. It gives me a chance to practice my typing
skills (speed typing). I just wish there was a spell check option.
johni -- I've got to go. Terry we will hold you all inour prayers,
especially your dad. We will be thinking of you all on 9/11. Bye.
terryw -- bye Len
terryw -- ty Johni, Bye
lenj -- {goodbye lenj}
bruce -- By Len
fergi -- bsofree, thanks, but may be the second conference we can meet.
October is too close for prepare my trip to Baltimore. Next time could be
in New York or any east coast town.
bsofree -- Fergi, maybe, we will have a conference in your country? What
do you say to that, Terry???
terryw -- may be a possibility.
terryw -- How about Antartica?
terryw -- Kidding LOL
fergi -- Bsofree, ok it sounds well, but i think in Spain we are only two
people with KD (that i know apday)
bruce -- By John
butch -- Hey Bruce--Isn't it amazing how many of us misspell words but all
of us understand the message.
bruce -- Butch, thank goodness.....
john-c. -- Fergi, your English is better than mine.
speedy -- see you guys later got to go, have a good day.
bsofree -- Got to go too. My cell phone is ringing & I am late for my
breakfast appointment (I am in L.A.)
speedy -- {goodbye speedy}
john-c. -- Bye Speedy. Take care of the other foot.
terryw -- Bye Speedy
johnm -- Traveling has become too much of a strain. We are afraid that I
might end up in a hospital far from home.
john-c. -- Johnm: just don't stop trying. With all of us here, you could
travel the globe and one of us could drop in & see you.
bruce -- Johnm - traveling and smart traveling are two different things. I
was a travelor for most of my life, but only a smart travelor the last few years.
john-c. -- Now Bruce, that would be a great topic: Smart Travelling"
patrick -- So true, Bruce.
johnm -- I fell a couple times while we were in Wisconsin and my wife
wouldn't let me out of my wheel chair.
bruce -- Good point, John-c. I am sure most of us have good travel tips
that have made life better for us.
bruce -- Johnm- I understand. I was at one of our mills about seven years
ago (clear across the country) and fell down some steps. I broke my leg
and it was no fun trying to get home.
butch -- That is a great idea. But if you have to be a smart travler to
get around I guess I'll have to stay home. Hey Johnc you always have
something witty to say about smart traveling.
bruce -- The smart travelling tip for today is: DON'T OVER-DO! Listen to
your body and know your capabilities.
patrick -- Bruce, I've literally travelled the world over since my birth
(my father was in the Air Force, and I was in the Army). Moving was second
nature. Now I have been in one place for some years, and inertia has set
in. Travelling seems harder and not as much fun, especially with my KD
john-c. -- But I'm not smart, Butch. Still working on that part. But, I'm
in a hotel about once a week, and there are things I could learn from you
bruce -- I think we all agree that it is not as much fun and we have to be
much more aware. I gave up traveling for business about 1½ years ago. It
was the best move I ever made.
patrick -- Bruce, you're right about not over-do0ing it. Vacation used to
be doing all I could do during time off from work. Now I've got to
schedule rest time in so vacation can be more enjoyable.
terryw -- bye Bs
butch -- Bye speedy...hope you heal quickly.
bruce -- It's 11:25
john-c. -- Bye Paul: see you soon.
fergi -- bsofree, the chat is near end its time, If you have AOL instant
message my nick is FERGIOR. you can put it on your buddy list.
patrick -- We won't have the chat room closed until a quarter 'til the
terryw -- looks like we are winding down
fergi -- bye to all. In Madrid it is 05,30 p.m.
john-c. -- Bye Fergi
bruce -- Take care Fergi
terryw -- bye
patrick -- Fergi, I'll tell you my story some day about my one visit to
Madrid, trying to order almond cake in Spanish, and getting meat balls...
terryw -- Fergi, someone from Portugal contacted us with KD and he is on
the web site contact page.
fergi -- Terry, ok i will try to contact with this portuguese KD, thanks
fergi -- Patrick, if you come to Madrid, I invite you to stay in my home.
It is 100% adapted for handicaped and also have got a little pool.
"Extensive this invitation to all people with KD in this chat.
patrick -- Gracias, Fergi!
john-c. -- Thanks Fergi: you are welcome here also.
bruce -- 12 minutes to close...
terryw -- Bye all.. I have to get something to eat before our board
meeting & conference meeting.
terryw -- ty Fergi
bruce -- Thanks Terry for joining us today
terryw -- see you all later.
johnm -- Thanks Bruce, good chat. Visit with you all in a couple weeks.
johnm -- {goodbye johnm}
bruce -- Thanks John
butch -- I always come away from our chats with some new knowledge.
Sometimes just a laugh, sometimes with sorrow for some of our problems.
But aleways ready to challenge the rest of the day. Thanks for todays chat.
bruce -- Thanks for joining us Butch. Stay healthy and happy. Go PENN STATE!
bruce -- Five minutes to go....
john-c. -- Bye men: I have Mother-in-Law duty. Butch is right: we all come
away from this better than we came into it. Thanks men for hosting this
and all that you do. It really is appreciated by us all.
butch -- Bruce--Penn State--the Eagles--It doesn't get any better thab this.
patrick -- There was a line in a Jimi Hendrix tune, "'scuse me while I
kiss the sky." I had a KD moment on Labor Day: it was " 'scuse me while I
kiss the pavement." :-)
john-c. -- {goodbye john-c.}
butch -- So long Johnc: Till next chat.
bruce -- Well folks, things are winding down so I will pitch October 5th
one more time. Dave Haggert has agreed to be a special guest and talk
about sleep apnea and CPAP/biPAP. We need your help in making this a good
session for our guest. I would appreciate your thoughts on questions, etc.
for John. Thanks for your consideration.
patrick -- See you, John, Terry, et al during the conference call...Tchuss.
patrick -- {goodbye patrick}
butch -- Patrick: Are you OK from that fall last month?
terryw -- {goodbye terryw}
bruce -- One minute.....I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy couple of
weeks until our next chat room. Thanks again for attending.
butch -- {goodbye butch}
bruce -- So long, good bye, it has been good to know you.....
bruce -- {goodbye bruce}

End Chat