Handicap and Disability Resources

One question we are often asked is where do I find information on benefits available for someone disabled.  Today, we are fortunate that we have access to the internet.  Almost any information or forms you need can be found ‘in the cloud’.  Below are a few examples of websites that provide information for those living with a disability.

Applying for Social Security - Disability is a complex process.  Besides the information found in the KDA SS-D Guide, there are other online resouces worth checking itnto before applying.

A.  internet connection Social Security Online has an entire section on Disability Benefits for People with Disabilities. Within this section there is information about:

B.  Another excellent resource is the Americans with Disabilities site.  The ADA has developed comprehensive ADA_Signresources concerning your rights, regulations, and programs available.  There is also several links to other government programs that provide resources or benefits for the disabled.

C.  We hope you never have a discrimination issue because of your disability, but just in case the EEOC website is a good resource for issues regarding this subject.

D.  The Department of Labor’s website, Office of Disability Employment Policy, is a place to help people with disabilities to find employment opportunities.

E.  The Job Accommodation Network has information on ways to help a disabled person continue to work.  It works to benefit both employers and employees by providing practical solutions to common problems.  The ‘A-to-Z Listing if Disabilities and Accommodations’ is very good.