Kennedy's Disease Brochures

Kennedy's Disease Brochures

The Kennedy's Disease Association has developed a comprehensive easy to read brochure on Kennedy's Disease.  The brochure explains what is Reach-for-stars2Kennedy's Disease, how it is contracted, how to join the KDA and much more.  Many people have found this guide helpful and have given a copy to their doctor.

You can print the PDF brochure by clicking on the links below, or, you can use the Contact Us form to request that we mail you some brochures.


KDA BrochureClick-here


Mailers Were Sent To Neurologists

In the spring of 2005, over 10,000 neurologists received a cover letter and brochures from the KDA that included the following:

Inform Others

The information is for your use.  You may copy, paste, print or email these pages to your friends, family, coworkers or anyone else you would like to inform about Kennedy's Disease (Spinal Bulbar Muscular Atrophy) and the KDA.  (Brochures, Educative Materials, Letters, etc. will be added over time.)