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"This is one SUPER organization and a Non Profit one at that."


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More KDA Testimonials

"I have only recently been diagnosed with Kennedy's Disease (mis-diagnosed Muscular Dystrophy in the 1980s) and I went searching the internet trying to find out what I could. I quickly found your site and am having a great time informing myself!!!
Thank you for being in cyberspace to meet me at a time of need."

-- Kevin Brennan, Australia


"I thank God there are so many who will share their story to give others hope! My brother was diagnosed with SMA in 1996 and today after a subsequent visit to the doc, they now believe his disease is Kennedy's. I am relieved to know that it's similar to the SMA diagnosis. This younger brother of mine is a very special person and I'd like to have him around for awhile. Thanks to all who have shared their stories."

-- Sharon Durda, Ohio, USA


"My husband was diagnosed with KD last year. He is coping with the thought of having to use a wheelchair in the future. I think this is a good site to have, because it has some encouraging words. Thank you for having it available."

-- Julie Nolte, Minnesota, USA


"My father passed away on September 10, 2002 from respiratory distress, brought on by advanced KD and lupus. I miss him very much. He was in the Ottawa Civic Hospital for almost a month before passing, and almost all of the nurses and doctors did not know about Kennedy's Disease. I want to thank the creators of this website. I referred them here."

--  Elisse Meshake, Ontario, Canada


"Finally diagnosed with KD after 3 1/2 years of testing. Thanks to a wonderful Neurologist and General MD who were equally driven to determine my ailment. That was 4 years ago, and am continuing to walk (slowly) and take care of chores around the house. Thanks to a wonderful family and stubbornness on my part.. I might be slowing down, but not giving up .... Am glad to see finally information being made available about this disease.. THANKS for the website."

--  Robert Antolin, California, USA


"I am very glad to see that you have added the personal stories, they are a great help. They give an outlook on what to expect with such a disease. It makes me proud to see people who are willing to express and share their stories with the world, keep up the good work!"

-- Jennifer Cullen, Ontario, Canada